About DSTV Installers CapeTown We are a leading installation and service company in CapeTown.

We are a leading installation and service company in Cape Town specializing in DSTV installations and repairs for Residential and Commercial spaces. We’ve been in operation for over 10 years and only use high quality time-tested materials, tools, and methods to get your job right the first time, look professional, and give years of trouble-free operation. Return service calls for problems due to our installations are non-existent.  

At DSTV Installers CapeTown, we only work with highly-trained and competent satellite technicians. we know if help is needed. 

We Guarantee All Our Work

We use a spectrum analyzer or digital bit stream meter to align the relevant bands with your satelite dishes for the best reception and trouble-free operation. Our inventory of other meters, quality tools and equipment assure your job will be right. This is why we are the first recommendation in our area by many companies and clients. 

At DSTV Installers CapeTown, we do installations and repairs every day, and no other business activity to distract us from Professional Quality DSTV Installation and Service.

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